Services for Individuals with Disabilities

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Valley Workforce Centers have programs that offer help for individuals with disabilities and facilitate the development of a sense of pride, dignity, and self-respect.

Who is eligible?
Contact a Workforce Center near you to determine eligibility.

What services are available?

Working with a network of community providers, Valley Workforce case managers assist with finding just the right vocational training and employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Contact a Workforce Center near you for more information.

DARS Order of Selection: In the event that the Vocational Rehabilitative program does not have sufficient funds to serve all eligible individuals, federal law requires that it implement an Order of Selection.  Order of Selection prioritizes individuals into categories according to the significance of their disabilities and ensures that those with the most significant disabilities are selected first to receive services.  Those individuals assigned to a closed category remain on a waiting list for services until there are sufficient resources to open closed categories.