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The Shenandoah Valley Workforce Development Board (SVWDB) consults with businesses to assist in the development of apprenticeship programs that complement their training and development strategy and source financial incentives.  The V2V grant can reimburse companies up to 50% of their cost for apprenticeship instruction in advanced manufacturing occupations (priority: females, minorities, disabled, transitioning military, Veterans).  The 2017 reimbursement cap is $2650 per newly registered apprentice after financial aid, GI Bill, WIOA, or other funding.  SVWDB can support targeted training for job candidates at community colleges and technical centers; when hired, this training can be credited toward the company’s apprenticeship program requirements thereby reducing the time and cost of apprenticeship program completion.

The Virginia Department of Labor and Industry, Division of Registered Apprenticeship (VDOLI) is the state apprenticeship agency solely responsible for registering apprentices according to national standards.  SVWDB partners with the state apprenticeship agency and numerous training providers to customize apprenticeship training and create an efficient registration and grant enrollment process.  Workforce partners are encouraged to co-enroll participants with this grant.

How to Begin?   Contact SVWDB or the state apprenticeship agency.  To create an apprenticeship program or add an occupation to your existing program, SVWDB and partners can provide technical support for program design, instruction alternatives, and enrollment processing. 

What is the enrollment process?  Once the company’s apprenticeship program is developed and instruction approved, a concurrent registration and grant enrollment process occurs typically on the company site with VDOLI and Valley OJT representatives present.  The process includes: 

  1. Business:  Employer Agreement signed with SVWDB; provide work authorization (copy of I-9 form) for each apprentice enrolled; Application for Grant Funding signed (drafted by Valley OJT)
  2. Apprentice:   Supplemental Application (demographic information for grant reporting purposes)   
  3. SVWDB:  COMMITMENT LETTER of grant funding issued. Instruction can begin after the date of the commitment letter (training before date of commitment letter cannot be reimbursed)
  4. Reimbursement:  Company pays the training provider.  Company submits copy of the Invoice from the training provider, proof of payment, and the SVWDB Request for Reimbursement to SVWDB; checks issued twice monthly. 

For more information:

Debby Hopkins, Workforce Officer & Project Director, (540) 442-7134 ex. 105

Kevin Martin, Grant Coordinator, (540) 442-7134 ex. 106

Download a one-page information and instruction sheet on Valley 2 Virginia Apprenticeship Grant opportunities.

Virginia Department of Labor and Industry

Valley 2 Virginia (V2V) Registered Apprenticeship Grant

The Shenandoah Valley Workforce Development Board (SVWDB) was awarded a $4 Million grant in October 2015 as part of the US Department of Labor American Apprenticeship Initiative designed to address the nation’s critical skill shortage through expansion of registered apprenticeship programs.  Apprenticeship is a time-tested workforce development strategy that combines on-the-job training and 1:1 mentoring with theoretical instruction to learn the why and how to perform a job.  Recent innovations in the apprenticeship model include college credit and competency assessment.  Business who incorporate apprenticeship report increased employee engagement, reduced turnover, and returns on their investment as much as 40 and 50%* .

* Source:  The Benefits and Costs of Apprenticeship: A Business Perspective, November 2016, US Department of Commerce